Friday April 27

Lanz (NYC)
w/The Penny Serfs (IA), LASKA (WI)

10pm // free // back bar

LANZ (aka Benjamin Lanz) NYC:
Benjamin Lanz is a Trombonist, Multi-instrumentalist, Composer, Arranger, and Songwriter based in Brooklyn, New York. He is a member of the band Beirut, touring member of the band The National and band member for Sufjan Stevens, as well as a collaborator with many other groups and musicians. Benjamin is also a champion of new music for the trombone, commissioning and performing new works around the world. As well, he is an in demand performer composer, writing and performing pieces for solo and chamber ensembles, often incorporating live electronics and processing. Outside, but not disconnected from these pursuits, Benjamin fronts two main songwriting projects, LNZNDRF, a Kraut/Psych band with Bryan and Scott Devendorf and Aaron Arntz and an experimental pop solo project, Hoferlanz.

Band Members: Michael Loy (lead vocals, guitar), Andrew Linley (bass, vocals), Stu Tenold (keyboards, vocals), and Kyle Lewis (drums).

The Penny Serfs long for a little mystery during a modern era of knowing it all, and knowing it fast. An Iowa based indie rock band that makes no bones about conjuring a brand of unpretentious stripped down indie music, The Penny Serfs is comprised of members from Scottsdale, AZ to Brooklyn, NY, consisting of Michael Loy (lead vocals, guitar), Andrew Linley (bass, vocals), Stu Tenold (keyboards, vocals) and Kyle Lewis (drums). Originally on the production side of music and reeling from feelings of discontent, the guys formed The Penny Serfs, determined to take things from the other side. In addition to finding common ground with artists like Regina Spektor and The National, having a working knowledge of multiple facets of the industry lends the band an upper hand, resulting in a better produced and contemplative effect.

LASKA (Eau Claire, WI):
provide the perfect soundtrack for embracing the beauty in pain. Songwriting sisters Hannah Mae, Bex and Mookie weave influences of Alternative, Americana and Desert Rock with raw emotion in their songs.

The Penny Serfs