Saturday July 20

La Cerca; Old City

10pm// free // back bar

La Cerca have taken many stylistic detours in the decade since the Tucson-based rock ‘n’ roll band’s inception, but their new LP Sunrise for Everyone is where they bring all their disparate strands together. Daydream Nation (Sonic Youth) -esque maelstroms of expressionist guitar, expressive lyrics abstracted and refracted, pulled together with unforgettable pop hooks into a rock ‘n’ roll body.

Sunrise for Everyone is La Cerca visionary Andrew Gardner’s Pet Sounds (Beach Boys), his Electric Ladyland (Jimi Hendrix), and his Loveless (My Bloody Valentine); symphonically arranged with a multitude of players, this is La Cerca’s grand statement and masterpiece. The sessions for the album, recorded and mixed over a three year period at Tucson’s esteemed Waterworks Studios (Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, RL Burnside, Sonic Youth), resulted in an abundance of instant classics that range from sunny blue-eyed soul had Galaxie 500 performed it to indie rock’s early ‘90s golden-age of reclaiming traditional rock ‘n’ roll styles to instrumental typhoons full of exaltation and destruction found in the wildest free jazz.

Starting out as a solo electronic project of long-time Cincinnati music alum, Sammy McKee (view-finder, Charlston Entry, Bitter Airplane, and Kaptain), Old City has quickly grown into a dynamic, live trio in the sonic vein of Polvo, Unwound, seBADoh, Dinosaur Jr. and Sonic Youth. You will also hear hints of Guided by Voices, Wussy and even Lou Reed in Sammy’s melodic delivery. The band consists of McKee on guitar and vocals, Brian McCabe on bass (Homemade Drugs, Sorry Eric) on bass AND Dave Cupp (Siren Suit, Man Halen, Caterpillar Tracks) on drums.

La Cerca
Old City