Saturday September 23

Heavy Metal for Planned Parenthood fundraiser

8pm // free 21+ // front & back bar

PLANNED PARENTHOOD offers a varity of services including STD tests, birth control and the oh so taboo abortion. These services are a benefit to everyone. Unfortunately some lame dude’s think this organization is evil and doesn’t deserve government funding. To these dude’s we say “fuck you” and we are throwing a rager of a party with a ton of sick band’s to raise some money to help support this organization. Let’s help planned parenthood continue the necessary work they do.” -Sons of Midwestern Darkness

raffle prize #1 $200 gift certificate to Blackbird Tattoo
raffle prize #2 black metal Creature skate deck and $20 gift card to Galaxie Skate Shops
raffle prize #3 courtesy of Black Plastic Records:

    Warbinger – Woe To The Vanquished picture disk
    Venom – At War With Satan picture disk
    Moțrhead РClean Your Clock live double vinyl picture disks

raffle prize #4 two $100 gift certificates to Skincraft tattoo and piercing
raffle prize #5 Shake It Records swag bag including a $50 gift certificate
raffle prize #6 38 inches of regional riff action courtesy of Fenrir:

    Stonecutters 12″
    Tombstalker 12″
    Shed The Skin 7″

raffle prize #7 Grey Host’s John Sebastian art/flyer bundle

SONS OF MIDWESTERN DARKNESS are proud to bring you the following bands:
MUTILATRED: grinding old school death from Toledo
CRYPTIC HYMN: blackened death from Louisville
SEWAGE GRINDER: their songs are faster than yours grindcore from Cincinnati
COELACANTH: metallic crust from Cincinnati
GREY HOST: Cincinnati psychedelic sludge doom
HORSEBURNER: shreding stoner metal from West Virginia
FENRIR: Cincinnati blackened psych death
CHOKING: blackened sludge from Dayton/Indy
CASTELESS: Cincinnati thrashing death