Thursday July 11

The Mitchells; One Rock Taylor

9pm // free // front bar

Is it true that the best measure of music is how well you can dance to it? Not according to The Mitchells. Great music has the power to reach deep inside and move you on an emotional level. That’s what listening to The Mitchells is all about.

The Mitchells are a four-piece indie pop band from Cincinnati, Ohio who bring a distinctive warm and orchestral approach to their music. And, since forming in 2012, they have garnered a devoted – if not dancing – regional fan base.

Reminiscent of vast stretches of southern Ohio, their music is open, lonesome, and lovely as they layer indie-folk with elements of rock and chamber-pop. In many songs, their elegant interplay of guitars creates a canvas for the melodies, giving the rhythm section freedom to drive the dynamics from near silent to full-tilt.

The Mitchells.
One Rock Taylor