Monday July 22

Beasts of Joy; The Two’s

9pm // free // front bar

The Universe’s Most Popular (and only) lute-cello-drums-voice band! Crazy eclectic music to match the instruments.

Imagine a child of the 80s/90s underground scene falling in with a classically-trained cellist hung up on 70s prog. What do ya get? An unexpected, genre- bending sound. Playing original music and re-imagined covers, The Two’s have opened for such acts as rock legend Heart, international pop Star Zucchero, Tim Reynolds, and procured licenses on shows such as “Nip/Tuck.”

In the past, Ruby and Suki have performed, together or apart in many other bands including Ruby and the Rogues, Drifthouse, Dingo 8, and The Kinky Tuscaderos.

Singer/songwriter/guitarist, Ruby Rendrag, was born at Ochsner to a Houma Indian Mother and a banjo playing, West Virginian Father. Ruby has been a part of the New Orleans music scene for over 18 years performing as a solo artist and as a side woman with many local acts. She lives a life immersed in music. As owner and manager of NOLA Muse, she helps local, national and international artists plan and execute their recording projects. She infuses The Two’s with lyrical immediacy, a percussive guitar style, and her bluegrass-Led Zeppelin-80’s underground influences.

Cellist, Suki Kuehn, was made in Japan, lived throughout the US and decidedly settled in New Orleans after a stint driving subs for the Navy. He plays either an old french cello that for who-knows-how-long lived in a barn south of Paris, or an aged german cello bought from an old woman in a dark French Quarter alley. Using a few choice effects, Suki adds force and texture across the full range of the cello, hinting at rock, folk, jazz and classical influences.

Beasts of Joy
The Two’s