Sun Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat

Sept 15

8pm front bar: Ok Computer A

Sept 16

9pm front bar: Will Orchard (Providence) + Upstairs + Rachel Moussie

8pm back bar: Trivia

Sept 17

9pm front bar: Spherical Agenda

Sept 18

9pm front bar: Shiny Old Soul

9pm back bar: Soften + Cross Record + Sungaze

Sept 19

8pm front bar: United Waves DJs

Sept 20

9pm front bar: AmpFibians Surf Night + The Maladroits

10pm back bar: Wonky Tonk + TBA

Sept 21

9pm front bar: Blossom Hall + Cordoba (Chi) + Season Sleep

10pm back bar: Water Witches + The Grotesque Brooms + Spacer

Sun Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat

Sept 22

8pm front bar: The Shivers + The New Van Goghs

Sept 23

9pm front bar: Paige Beller + Pout + Tina Panic Noise

8pm back bar: Trivia

Sept 24

9pm front bar: Roselit Bone (Portland) + Still Witches + TBA

Sept 25

9pm front bar: Fun Isn’t Fair + Lashes

Sept 26

9pm front bar: City Silos + Sarah Dupee

Sept 27

5pm front bar: Rocktails

9pm front bar: Strange Creature

9pm back bar: Metal Showcase

Sept 28

9pm front bar: Boy Shorts (Columbus) + National Barks

10pm back bar: Sungaze + Crooked Spines + JOESPH