Sun Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat

Nov 17

Nov 18

9pm front bar: Bl_ank + Kate Wakefield

8pm back bar: Trivia

Nov 19

9pm front bar: Spherical Agenda

Nov 20

9pm front bar: Shiny Old Soul

Nov 21

8pm front bar: United Waves DJs

Nov 22

9pm front bar: AmpFibians + The D-Rays

10pm back bar: Water Witches + Marjorie Lee and the Lovers + Fycus

Nov 23

9pm front bar: Strobobean + Ted Tyro + Mynah Tones

10pm back bar: Witches Meadow Album Release + Darlene + Static Falls

Sun Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat

Nov 24

4pm-7pm: Type Shit Poscast

8pm front bar: Dusty Bryant

Nov 25

8pm back bar: Trivia

Nov 26

Nov 27

9pm front bar: Gerhard Albinus Band

9pm back bar: The Dukes are Dead + Still Witches + TBA

Nov 28

Thanksgiving Day

Nov 29

8pm back bar: Ace of Wands + Adam Flaig + Brianna Kelly – Tua Benefit Show

Nov 30

9pm: Culture Queer Album Release + TBA

Sun Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat

Dec 1

8pm front bar: Beasts of Joy + Goran Ivanovic Trio

9pm back bar: Annex + Sour Ground + TBA

Dec 2

9:30pm front bar: The Qtet

8pm back bar: Trivia

Dec 3

9pm front bar: Insignificant Other

Dec 4

Dec 5

9pm front bar: Daisychain + Fickle Hellcat

9pm back bar: The Insiders (Tommy Petty Tribute Band) + TBA

Dec 6

9pm front bar: Pocket + snarls + Nari

8pm back bar: Sexy Time Live Band Karaoke (Yes, Friday this month)

Dec 7

8pm back bar: Greater Project Christmas Fundraiser // The Grove + See You In The Funnies