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Oct 6

8pm front bar: Drew Joseph + Brianna Kelly + Laura Wolf

Oct 7

9:30pm front bar: The Qtet

8pm back bar: Trivia

Oct 8

9pm front bar: Autopilot + Camper Clark + Mimics

10pm back bar: Lusus + Reliable Nothings + The Conquering + Sick Serenity

Oct 9

9pm front bar: New Primals + Slug Death + Phoul Phil Andt Guill

10pm back: TBA

Oct 10

9pm front bar: Paisley Fields + Elsa Kennedy + Anna Applegate

Oct 11

9pm front bar: Alluvial Fans + Happy Little Accidents + The Tangees + Actual Italians

Oct 12

9pm front bar: Fickle Hellcat + Rachel Mousie + Saint Aubin

10pm back bar: The Perfect Children + Abiyah + Calumet

Sun Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat

Oct 13

4-7pm: **EARLY SHOW** // Cookin’ Hearts

8pm front bar: Classical Revolution

Oct 14

10pm front bar: Northside Jazz Ensemble

8pm back bar: Trivia

Oct 15

9pm front bar: Mockery + Jay Madera + Terror at Midnight

Oct 16

9pm front bar: Shiny Old Soul

9pm back bar: Safari Room + Joesph + The Mitchells

Oct 17

8pm front bar: United Waves DJs

9pm back bar: Dead Humor + The Midwestern + Feral Friends

Oct 18

9pm front bar: Tender Mercy + Ralph Smith + Sarah Dactyl

10pm back bar: Ruby Vileos + Vireo + The Quiet Lives

Oct 19

9pm front bar: Doughty Family + The Abnorm & Scar, The Monsterr

9pm back bar: Will Feiner show // Reign + Degrave + Flesh Warfare + Bloodgate + Crypt Seeker

Sun Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat

Oct 20


Oct 21

8pm back bar: Trivia

Oct 22

9pm front bar: Science Man + Felix Moon

Oct 23

9pm front bar: MIMICO + Sungaze + ZONES

9pm back bar: Cordial Sins + Oginalii + Pocket

Oct 24

9pm front bar: Bon Air + AM Nice + Toebow

Oct 25

9pm front: TBA

10pm back bar: Founding Fathers + Big Gorgeous

Oct 26

9pm front bar: AmpFibians + Team Void

8pm back bar: HorrorHound

Sun Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat

Oct 27

6pn back bar: AmpFibians + Team Void

9pm front bar: Dusty Bryant

Oct 28

8pm back bar: Trivia

Oct 29

Oct 30

Oct 31

9pm House: Adam Stone Halloween Show

Nov 1

Nov 2